The Truth
  Taking lessons can be intimidating for anyone. Most people believe that to play an instrument they must have a background in music or be naturally talented. These misconceptions keep people from playing a musical instruments and do not serve to enrich their lives. 
  Many people view music as competitive and don't pursue it due to fear that they are not good enough or smart enough.  The truth is music is art and we all are unique and can make our own unique music.  
   I believe talent is the desire to do something.  The fact is, talent has very little to do with how accomplished you can be. Knowledge and the willingness to spend a little time everyday playing your instrument will determine how good you will become. In the end if you enjoy it you will be good at it.
The Method
  Teaching in a practical way has been my mission as a teacher. One thing I learned early on is that you can't teach everyone the same. 
    When I first started teaching 20 years ago I noticed that when I taught a guitar chord/harmony to a young student (5-10) years old that they couldn't recognize whether the chord/harmony sounded correct or not. I noticed that the young student would get very frustrated with the lessons and they would loose interest very quickly. I also notice that young students who I taught simple melody to first, loved lessons and enjoyed playing the guitar. I could see that when a young student would learn a melody like "Ode To Joy" or "Yankee Doodle" they would continue to play those songs long after they had mastered them. I could tell that they truly enjoyed playing melody and that chords were not relevant to their mental state.  Which is why I teach melody first, then I teach them chords as they mature to the point where they can hear harmony.
  Young adults on up are much different than children. People who have been listening to music for many years have a natural ability to hear chords and harmony.  I teach these students how to play chords first because they often have a desire to play with other people, sing, and they also can hear the melody even if it's not being played. After they learn chords I teach them melody, either through reading music or through improvisation. 
Styles of Music
  Many people believe it is important to find a teacher that matches the style of music they want to play. This is only true for very advanced players. 
  I do teach advanced styles of music like rock, country, jazz, folk, classical etc., but for the first year or so I focus on the basic skills you'll need to play any style of music. The reality is there isn't much difference between the different styles of music. They all follow basic rules of melody and harmony. You will have the ability to apply the knowledge gained through lesson to the music you want to play.

Signing Up
  I teach weekly 1/2 hour lessons at an affordable rate at several locations. If you wish to take lessons please contact me.

Lesson Policy 
Leithold Music
  Weekly, 1/2 hour lessons are conducted at Leithold Music.

Lesson tuition is $65.00 a month. No Long term contracts.
  The cost per 1/2 hour lesson is $18.14. In one year there are 42 lessons. If you multiply $18.57 per lesson  X 42 Lessons a year = $780.00 For one year of lessons ÷ 12 months = $65.00 per month. 
  There are 52 weeks in a year minus the 42 weeks of lessons = Ten weeks off that cover holiday and vacations. Keep in mind that I do not get paid holidays or vacations.  The monthly tuition rate does not include those weeks. Only the 42 weeks.
  The holiday and vacation schedule is listed on the Calendar page.
  With this monthly payment plan, tuition is the same amount regardless of the number of lessons in the month. Tuition is due on the first attended lesson of every month. If tuition is not received before the 2nd lesson lesson of the month there is a $10.00 late fee. You can mail or leave payment at Leithold Music anytime during business/lesson hours. Cancellations by the student is not credited or refunded. 

Cancellations & Lesson Credit
  If a student needs to cancel a lesson, please give the teacher as much notice as possible. Makeup lessons and refunds are not available due to the limited hours lesson are available.
  Any lesson canceled by the teacher that is not a part of the ten week holiday/vacation schedule will be credited towards next month's tuition. 

1 lesson canceled = $46.00 
2 lessons canceled = $27.00

   When you feel it is time to discontinue lesson, please know that I require a two-week notice. All departing students should plan to finish the current month, as any remaining time will not be refunded.

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